Vitamins for Hair Restoration

Aside from FDA-approved minoxidil, their is a wide range of natural supplements available that work to fix hair loss with vitamins that promote hair growth. Such products typically contain B Vitamins, folic acid, zinc, saw palmetto, and beta-sitosterol, as well as numerous other protein-rich natural extracts.

Reasons For Hair Loss

Reasons For Hair Loss Hair loss is a problem that plagues many people, and can a source of incredible embarrassment, making the sufferer feel tremendously self-conscious about their appearance. There are many reasons for hair loss; the most common one is strictly genetics. Hair loss tends to run in families, and many people simply have […]

Hair Transplants Explained

Hair Transplants Explained: What You Should Know About Hair Transplants Hair transplants involve the removal of strips of skin containing hair follicles from one part of the scalp to another. Usually, the strips containing these follicular units are known to be genetically resistant to balding; for instance, the back of the head is a popular […]

Bosley Hair Restoration Review

Bosley Hair Restoration Review Hair loss is something that can cause a great deal of embarrassment for a person; it can have a tremendously negative impact on their self esteem and can make one self conscious and quite unhappy. There have been countless different treatments for dealing with hair loss; Bosley Hair Restoration is among […]

Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration Nobody likes going bald. That’s why there is a multimillion dollar hair restoration industry devoted to helping men and women win their fight against thinning hair. Of course, within this multimillion dollar industry are numerous hair restoration options. From laser hair restoration to shampoos that fight baldness, there is something for everyone. The […]