Herbs For Hair Loss

Herbs For Hair Loss

Since hair loss can be such a devastating experience for a person to go through, it is not surprising at all that so many remedies are available for it. Although transplants and other surgical procedures are popular, many people prefer to try using herbs for hair loss.

Natural remedies for dealing with hair loss are becoming more and more popular, as people are increasing choosing to eschew drugs and surgeries for dealing with the problems. There are many herbs for hair loss available, and many are used in combination in various supplements in the market today.

Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss

One of the most common herbs for hair loss is saw palmetto. In fact, saw palmetto has been used for years for this very purpose. It is believed to block the effects of the hormone DHT, which is believed to be responsible for hair loss at the top of many people’s scalps. Of all the herbs for hair loss, saw palmetto is the primary one that is found in many all natural supplements and other products. As more and more people turn to herbs for hair loss, more are discovering the incredible properties of saw palmetto and are reporting excellent results from using it.

Rosemary for Hair Loss

Although most people associate the herb rosemary with culinary pursuits, it is also on the list of the many potent herbs for hair loss available today. Most commonly used as a topical solution, rosemary can be massaged into the scalp and is believed to help unclog hair follicles, encouraging hair growth. When turning to herbs for hair loss, many people try out rosemary solutions with excellent results. Because it is all natural – like all herbs for hair loss are – rosemary poses no serious side effects or risks to the people who opt to try it out.

Zinc for Hair Loss

Since there are so many herbs for hair loss, some may become lost in the shuffle. However, zinc should absolutely be considered by anybody dealing with hair loss. Zinc promotes the thyroid; under active thyroids can trigger hair loss, so taking these kinds of herbs for hair loss can promote hair to grow back more efficiently. Indeed, zinc is one of the most recognized herbs for hair loss because it gets at the source of many people’s problem: an under active thyroid. Once the thyroid is stimulated, hair growth can be enhanced and hair loss can be effectively dealt with.

Silicic Acid for Hair Loss

Silicic acid is a naturally occurring chemical compound in the human body. When people experience a deficiency in their levels of silicic acid, hair loss can occur or be worsened. Therefore, when taken with other herbs for hair loss, silicic acid can have a very positive effect.

Many herbs for hair loss are combined with doses of silicic acid in order to enhance their effects. People who have tried countless different treatments for their hair loss often find that introducing silicic acid into their daily health regimen has a positive impact on their hair loss.