Reasons For Hair Loss

Reasons For Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem that plagues many people, and can a source of incredible embarrassment, making the sufferer feel tremendously self-conscious about their appearance. There are many reasons for hair loss; the most common one is strictly genetics. Hair loss tends to run in families, and many people simply have a hereditary predisposition for hair loss.

Other common reasons for hair loss are aging, infections or illnesses, hormonal imbalances and injury. There is no surefire way to predict whether a person will suffer from hair loss; since there are many reasons for hair loss, it is a truly unpredictable thing.

Hair Loss Reason # 1: Genetics

For many years, it has been believed that one of the reasons for hair loss is genetics. The theory was that many people who suffer from hair loss are simply the victims of their genetic makeup. Indeed, baldness and hair loss do seem to run in families; many times, all of the men in a family experience hair loss, for example. This is perhaps the best known reason for hair loss, and it is the one that very little can be done about.

genetic hair loss

If genetics are the reason for hair loss, then a person really cannot do much in the way of preventing it. Dealing with it after the fact is possible, but among the reasons for hair loss, hereditary factors are the most difficult to deal with or manage. Some say that whether your mother’s father is bald will determine whether you will be, but this reason for hair loss does not seem to hold true all the time.

Hair Loss Reason # 2: Hormones

In addition to receding hairlines, hair loss is often experienced at the very top of a person’s head. Reasons for hair loss here are often thought to be triggered by hormones. In particular, a sex hormone known as DHT is believed to be a major reason for hair loss among many men. This hormone promotes hair growth around the body and when its levels are thrown off for various reasons, hair loss can occur.

Considering how many people experience hair loss at the very tops of their head, it is quite likely that this is a reasonable explanation. Whether or not hormone therapy can prevent hair loss remains to be seen, but it does not appear to be a very likely solution.

Hair Loss Reason # 3: Aging

Many doctors feel that hair loss is simply a natural part of the aging process for many people, and that this is one of the main reasons for hair loss. As many other parts of the body begin functioning less optimally over time, it makes sense that hair follicles may experience this same phenomenon.

Age is a very common reason for hair loss, and explains why so many elderly people suffer from it. After all, hair loss is far more common among older people than very young ones. Reasons for hair loss in younger people usually relate to hormones and genetics, whereas hair loss later in life may be related to simply growing older. As with other causes, there is little to be done to prevent hair loss triggered by growing old.