Bosley Hair Restoration Review

Bosley Hair Restoration Review

Hair loss is something that can cause a great deal of embarrassment for a person; it can have a tremendously negative impact on their self esteem and can make one self conscious and quite unhappy. There have been countless different treatments for dealing with hair loss; Bosley Hair Restoration is among the newest and most heavily marketed treatments in recent years. Although the commercials for Bosley Hair Restoration are full of positive, glowing reviews, it is important to keep in mind that those ads are paid for by the Bosley Hair Restoration company, and may not reflect reality in many cases.

What Is Bosley Hair Restoration?

Everyone is familiar with hair transplants; Bosley Hair Restoration is a type of hair transplant procedure. Rather than using synthetic hair, though, Bosley Hair Restoration uses donor hair from elsewhere on a person’s scalp. In theory, this makes for a more natural fit and blends more naturally in with the rest of the hair on one’s head. This procedure is undertaken in a physician’s office and local anesthetic is used to prevent pain. Hair is placed in random patterns to lend a more natural look, but can still stand out and may not last very long.

Bosley Hair Restoration Procedure

With the Bosley Hair Restoration procedure, donor hair is first taken from a spot on the patient’s head. This leaves a small scar at the site, which may or may not be very visible in the future. The donor strip of hair is then rearranged by the doctors doing the Bosley Hair Restoration procedure. Once arranged in a random manner, the strips are placed within incisions that have been made in the patient’s scalp. The main premise behind Bosley Hair Restoration is that the grafts are done in random patterns just like natural hair growth.

Bosley Hair Restoration Cost

When compared with many other hair loss treatments, Bosley Hair Restoration is enormously expensive. Its total cost is dependent on how many grafts are required during the procedure to completely eliminate baldness. However, Bosley Hair Restoration providers are not very forthcoming regarding the average cost of the procedure, which makes one think that it must be prohibitively expensive; otherwise, they would gladly advertise its price. Considering that financing is available for Bosley Hair Restoration, it is reasonable to conclude that the procedure must be very costly and that many people simply cannot afford it.

Does Bosley Hair Restoration Work?

Considering the costly nature of the procedure and the mixed results achieved by many people, Bosley Hair Restoration may not be a very viable option for people suffering from hair loss. Some men seem to find that it works fine, but many others have far less positive reviews of the Bosley Hair Restoration procedure. A product like Provillus is far more budget friendly and provides more consistently effective and positive results among people who try it. Also, Provillus is noninvasive and does not involve any incisions or grafts on a person’s scalp, making it a more palatable option for many.