Natural Hair Restoration

Natural Hair Restoration

Of all the available methods for replacing lost hair it seems logical that the first step would be towards natural hair restoration rather than to drastic and expensive alternatives.

Trying to achieve hair restoration with mechanical means like laser treatments or hair transplants probably should be a last resort when nothing else works. These artificial methods for replacing hair loss are very costly and involve down time. There may be negative side effects and there are no guarantees for success. Natural hair restoration measures work with the body at its most basic cellular level.

Natural Herbs for Hair Restoration

Natural herbs for natural hair restoration offer some relief from hair loss. Items like saw palmetto extract can reduce the damaging amounts of the hormone DHT that causes male pattern baldness. Some are topical agents to be applied like a shampoo. These include jojoba oil and aloe vera.

Other herbs such as rosemary, nettle root extract and sage are boiled together to create a hair wash liquid. Natural herbs including coconut oil, soybean and sesame oil are incorporated into shampoos. These work from the outside to strengthen and nourish hair follicles for natural hair restoration.

Diet is another way to incorporate herbs for natural hair restoration. Get Omega-3 fatty oils from fish or supplements to help hair protein. Aim for proper body pH balance and continue your healthy diet routines to help promote natural hair restoration.

Scalp Massage for Hair Restoration

Scalp massage for natural hair restoration fits right in with increasing the amount of exercise you do on a daily basis. Both increase blood supply to the scalp and lack of blood is one thing that causes hair loss. Circulating fresh blood around the body brings to every cell the protein, nutrients and vitamins necessary for healthy cells, tissue and hair follicles.

Get a professional massage or do it yourself. Use a soft brush so you do not damage delicate scalp tissues. Massage for natural hair restoration can be helpful but you must combine this with other efforts such as proper diet and hair care. Do not use a comb because it can cause additional hair loss. Some daily hair loss is normal and hair has a relatively short lifespan so it is constantly being replaced and regenerated.

Other Forms of Natural Hair Restoration

Other forms of natural hair restoration include some topical solutions like Rogaine that work to get hair follicles growing strongly again. Some internal medicines are designed for this purpose also and are an alternative to iffy surgical measures.

Watching your diet is very important as many substances may work against you in that they restrict blood flow. Caffeine is notorious for this effect. Check with your doctor to be sure you are getting the proper amounts of vitamins, especially the B-vitamin group to help with natural hair restoration.

Your doctor can also analyze your body’s production of hormone levels which also can affect natural hair restoration or loss. Certain diseases and medications will also cause hair loss, as can pregnancy. It is important to consult your physician regarding any major dietary or supplemental changes in your routine.

Losing hair that you want to have can be depressing and negatively affect your self esteem. If you are suffering and displeased with any amount of hair loss do take action. Start with the most natural and least invasive methods for natural hair restoration. Be kind to your body and treat it gently to achieve natural hair restoration. You will live with whatever method you select for a long time and hopefully the results will be amazing and satisfying.